July 14th 2015 Meeting at the Appleton Makerspace

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In an effort to do more than passively consume open source software and talk about what others are contributing, let's get started on our own contributions!

As discussed in-person at the June 2015 NEWLUG meeting, let's make a goal of:

Identifying an open source project of interest to ourselves and contribute.

Whether it be small documentation bug fixes or testing patches or something larger, let's get NEWLUG active in the FOSS community.


As usual, we can also cover the news.

We'll be covering *nix-worthy news items since last time from 7pm-9pm via Google Hangout.

Monthly Pan-Wisconsin Linux User Meeting Hangout

Directions to the Appleton Makerspace: http://appletonmakerspace.org/contact-us/


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